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  • 5 Star.....2015/07/08 - Brandon Heagney
  • 5 Star.....2014/01/09 - Blake Robertson

2015/04/30 - Steve & Julie

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  • Thank you so much Carpet Capers, we purchased Teak Navy/Cream Marine Carpet off you in February & we have finished the installation & wanted to show you how great this product finishes off our boat. We are getting a lot of complements, we will be referring you to all. I couldn’t be happier with the marine carpet & service you provided. Thanks heaps.

2014 - Lady J Adventures, USA

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  • We have been using traditional indoor/outdoor carpet for our cockpit floor. Over the last 8 years we’ve been through 5 or more carpets. We liked the functionality but wanted a more stylish look for our “florida room”. We came across a blog for another Manta owner that installed a “teak look” carpet, which would match our interior flooring. After looking at the reviews and photos, we created a template, shipped it off, and crossed our fingers. All I can say is OMG, the carpet is beautiful! There was enough extra to make a rug for the salon as well, and it matches up to the teak perfectly. The US distributor, Phil Frost, was a pleasure to deal with. He gave us detailed instructions on how to create the template, and kept us informed throughout the process. Top notch customer service, and a great product too! You can’t ask for more!

2013/12/18 - Janet Heins D'Aprix, USA

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  • My boss loves the carpet we installed on his yacht!!

2013/05/16 - Stevo81

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  • We put Marine Tuft carpet in our boat. It's awesome. Looks amazing and its Quite thick so it's super comfy underfoot. You really notice it when you spend a few days on board. You buy it by the meter, cut to suit, get edges overlooked and pin it down with stainless studs. Its got built in scotcgaurd and gets covered in *stuff when fishing but I just get raw water on to the blood ASAP and give it a good soaking in the boat when we get home. Hardly ever take it out to wash and it doesn't smell at all. *word changed

2011/05/16 - Jameshunterwpp

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  • I have been in the marine industry for many years, and yes products of yester-year were not manufactured with the marine elements in mind. Marine Tuft is specifically designed from polymers to resist moisture, and handle the marine elements.

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